Sara Brightheart Wisdom

March 12, 2017

Sara Brightheart

I am so blissfully happy right now. Yesterday, me and my husband set up a day bed in our living room and got sheets and cozy blankets on it. Today, we got more pillows (actually, my husband did). The pillows accomplish two tasks. One, my four-year-old daughter Z bumped her head like 5 times on the bed last night. We couldn’t keep her off it! Two the bed is now even more cushy and comfy.

It’s 18 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside, but in here its warm and harmonious. We are watching Moana for the first time and we are all loving it, just like we thought we would. We played the songs on YouTube so much, we decided to just buy it instead of renting it. I made a quesadilla for me and my husband that had a quick homemade salsa and cheddar cheese inside it. And he is now eating canned, boiled peanuts that he warmed up in the microwave. He got my daughter to try some of the peanuts and she likes it! This is kind of a miracle considering she will pick three or four foods and only eat those.  My husband is not home often because of his job, so that makes this lazy Sunday afternoon even more of a miracle. All too often when he is home, we are too busy to have a day like this. I am having my guilty, once-in-a-while pleasure, Mt.Dew. Life can be so good and if we hadn’t had so many hard times, I would probably take it for granted. But, I am not. I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.